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Our family - Olive, Zelda, Genghis & Gandalf. Rainy Days and Thunderstorms. Educator. Black Coffee. Creamer. Quirky. Lively & Loud. Art lover. "If Your Not First Your Last”. Photography. Chocolate Ice-cream. Banana Milk Shakes. Discovery Channel. Considerate. Conscientious. Netflix. Bright Sunny Days. Kangaroo’s, Polar Bears & Sloths. Dogmatic. Homemade Pizza. Indian food. Thai food. Practical. Traveling. Comedy. Balanced. Introverted. Extroverted. Chicago Blackhawks. Documentary. Grounded and Realistic. Star Wars. Harry Potter Leo. Cancer. Pastry Chef. Action & Adventure. "The Things They Carried”. Reality TV is Horrible. Golf. Evansville. Newburgh. Chicago. Right Handed. BBC. Ninjas. mmmmm Sushi.

Jason Reese Owner / Chief Photographer at Photorexit Photography

Jason Reese

owner/ Creative Director / Chief photographer

Katie Reese Co-Owner / photographer at Photorexit Photography

Katie Reese

Co-owner  / Social media / photographer




"Our approach to all photographic / visual projects is always unique, as it is tailored to the client's needs, expectations, and personal vision. We embark upon assignments relying most heavily on visual intuition; a curious and discerning eye that has been refined by many years of formal training and education. We are interested in not only meeting our client's expectations, but more importantly, surpassing them. Our work appeals to the modern wedding couple whose expectations are centered around real emotion,  real moments, and authentic imagery" For us, it’s about visually representing a tale of love and romance, a connection of friendships new and old, with generations of family coming together. It's a beautiful day and we would love to be there for yours!

Applauded for their professionalism, and easy going relaxed demeanor, Jason & Katie pride themselves on the ability to capture decisive moments. “We will work tirelessly to insure your moments are preserved in a creative and journalistic way. For us, it’s about capturing the wedding day in its entirety,; all of the moments and those in-between. There's no mock setup's, no redo's, and you'll never have to worry about us, our time, or ask if we mind taking another photograph. We will be there” - J&K Reese.


we love to travel!

In addition to our key market, we travel frequently for wedding photography commissions and engagement sessions. We've had numerous destination beach weddings in North and South Carolina, Texas, all across New York State, and the Dominican Republic to name a few, and maintain a current passport for international travel.

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Jason Reese Owner / Chief Photographer at Photorexit Photography
Katie Reese Co-Owner / photographer at Photorexit Photography